Current and former city employee survey Questions:

  • Has your city or state established a relationship with an outside group (or individuals) to discuss data or technology, or to work on technology projects that benefit residents?

  • Briefly describe the relationship and the parties you are, or have worked with (if possible). How long have you or others in government been working with these outside parties? Is the engagment regular and sustained, or infrequent and ad hoc?

  • Are there regularly scheduled events that you or other government officials attend as a way to interact, communicate and collaborate with these parties?

  • How did (or do) you identify or locate outside parties to work with? What barriers / questions have you encountered as you worked to locate outside groups or individuals to work with?

  • When not meeting in physical space, what tools or platforms - Slack, Github, Trello, etc. - do you or others in government use to connect and collaborate with civic technologists and others outside of government?

  • How does working with outside groups of civic technologists and open data advocates fit into your city or state’s strategy around open data or innovation?

  • Are there any potential connections to other government initiatives (e.g., internal data analytics and performance benchmarking, technology procurement, etc.) that you hope to create by working with these outside parties?

  • What would you say is the biggest potential benefit from working with civic technologists and other data and technology advocates outside government?

  • What would you say is the biggest challenges (or potential challenges) to working with these parties?

  • Any other thoughts or comments that you would add relating to how your city or state interacts and partners with outside civic technologists?

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